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Sinn Divin U2 S EZM5 Mens Watch 1020.020

Brand: Sinn Watches

Gender: Mens

Code: 1020.020

Original Price: $605

Now Price: $275.00

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Sinn Divin U2 S EZM5 Mens Watch 1020.020 Detail Information

In conjunction with its instrument s and watches, Sinn is renowned for its sports and diving watches. Sinn diving watches have lead the way in terms of technical advances for timepieces that must withstand rough and demanding conditions. Thanks to its HYDRO technology, Sinn produces anti-reflective diver's watches that are totally condensation-free, made of stainless steel and capable of reaching any possible diving depth. The HYDRO technology involves filling the watch case with a crystal clear oil that ensures the dial is legible from all angles, does not condense, and will not compress thus allowing it to withstand great water pressure from the outside. Other special features of Sinn water watches include:

- Gaskets made of highly elastic plastic that remain water tight regardless of pressure
- Scratch proof sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides to ensure a clear view of the dial at all times
- Luminous numerals, coated with a special inactive, long-lasting luminous paint
- Magnetic field protection
- Adjustable bands (stainless steel, titanium, silicon or shark skin) to allow the watch to be worn over a wet or dry suit.

Sinn sport and diver's watches surpass standard DIN norms for diving watches. In fact, they fulfil the prerequisites of DIN 8306 in which strict safety standards for diver's watches are precisely and extensively established. Anyone serious about diving or extreme water sports should have the reliability and performance of a Sinn sport or diver's watch by their side.

If a water depth of 1000m is not enough for you then perhaps 2000m would meet your requirements. The U2 is water resistant to an incredible 2000m. It is made of u-boat (submarine) steel, and features a tegimented steel hardened case, a non-losable turning bezel and non-reflective sapphire crystal. Furthermore, the U2 is made with Sinn's Ar dehumidifying technology and filled with Sinn special oil to protect it from temperatures ranging from -45 to +80 degrees C. The model shown is in striking blackened steel and features a special black steel band that can be fully adjusted to fit over a wet or dry suit if needed. Look the part, as a serious diver it has to be Sinn's U2.

Model: 1020.020

Technical Data Model U2 S (EZM5)

Dial: Black
Case material: U-boat steel
Band: Massive steel - black
Base movement: ETA 2893-2
Movement winding: Automatic
Jewels: 21
Crystal: Sapphire - anti reflective on both sides
Case back: Solid steel, Screw-down crown
Water pressure resistance: 200 bar / 2000 m
Case diameter: 44.0 mm
Watch height: 15.45 mm
Special technology:
a. Water/pressure resistance tested by Germanische Lloyd, Hamburg
b. Divers' turning ring
c. Patented Tegiment surface hardness technology
d. Special divers' extendable band
e. Patented Argon gas filling to eliminate moisture
f. Two time zones
g. Long lasting illumination indexes

Sinn Divin U2 S EZM5 Mens Watch 1020.020

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